Wavelength Receives Strategic Investment from Diffractive

Wavelength Insights

We are pleased to share the exciting news that Wavelength Capital Management has received a strategic investment from Diffractive Managers Group, a leading multi-affiliate asset management firm focused on the distribution of forward-thinking investment strategies. The agreement will provide access to new growth capital and distribution channels, and Diffractive's Chairman, John Hailer, will join Wavelength's Board of Directors.

“We started Wavelength to deliver our systematic approach to investing for individuals and institutions with a clear mandate of making their portfolios more resilient and efficient. With markets evolving, I feel it is the right time for us to make a broader impact, and Diffractive is the perfect partner as we continue on our mission to provide clients with innovative solutions that seek the best balance of risk and return for their financial future,” said Andrew Dassori, Wavelength’s Chief Investment Officer and Co-CEO.

Peter Martin, Diffractive’s Head of Distribution, explained, “Wavelength’s highly differentiated strategy aligns perfectly with Diffractive’s mission of connecting investors with tomorrow’s innovative and impactful solutions. Just as importantly, the team is the ultimate cultural fit: forward-thinking, passionate, and true team players.”

“Diffractive represents a shared philosophy, culture, and alignment on focusing on the client. Our combined focus is on being ‘actively different’ and we do that by creating portfolio tools with a goal of being more efficient about the risk, return and outcomes we seek on behalf of our investors,” said Mark Landis, Co-CEO of Wavelength.

The full press release is accessible via the link below. If you have questions or need additional information, our investor relations team can be reached at (212) 951-1178 or IR@wavelengthcapital.com.